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Yakiniku (BBQ)

2013年10月17日 17:13

Every single Yakiniku menus are about 100 grams meat.

Kalbi(rib of beef)
Kalbi 910yen Recommend!
Sliced & marinated spare ribs. Most popular menu.
Geta Kalbi  950yen
This is the sliced meat between the rib bones.
Choice Kalbi  1480yen
Tasty meat of beef ribs with moderate amount of marbled. Medium-rare is best.
Kalbi with bone 1380yen
This is the sliced soft marbled beef with rib bones.
Prime Kalbi   2240yen
This is the sliced soft marbled beef. enjoy the exquisite, juicy flavor of prime Kalbi.Medium-rare is best.

Roast(thigh of beef)
Roast 820yen Recommend!
Enjoy the taste of authentic lean Japanese beef. Recently this inner thigh meat has become even more popular than Kalbi.
Prime Roast 1290yen
Enjoy the taste of authentic lean Japanese beef. Fine quality tender meat.

Tongue(cow tongue)
Tongue shio 964yen
Salted tongue.Combined with a lemon, this meat can serve as a good appetizer or light meat.
Tongue(marinated) 750yen Recommend!
Special marinated tongue.
Prime tongue shio 1480yen
Sliced special marbled cow tongue served with natural rock salt and pepper.
Thick-sliced prime tongue shio 2240yen
Thick sliced special marbled cow tongue served with natural rock salt and pepper.

Tontoro(pork neck)
Tontoro(salted) 680yen
A little chewy but taste beautiful pork. Enjoy it with Wasabi on the plate.
Tontoro(marinated) 680yen Recommend!
Sliced pork with special marinated. Excellent compatibility with rice.

Harami 850yen Recommend!
The thick part of diaphragm muscle. It's tender meat.
Prime Harami 1550yen
Special fine quality Harami. so tasty.

Tail meat
Tail meat 1048yen
This is the salted Ox tali meat with bone.

Horumon 670yen
This is cow large intestine.
Mino(tripe) 850yen
This is surprisingly soft, but has crunchy texture and a lot of flavour.
Liver 600yen
Enjoy the firm texture of real liver.
Senmai(second stomach) 620yen
This meat is so fresh, it taste great cooked rare.
Heart 553yen Recommend!
This meat has a modest taste and juiciness.

Vegetables 500yen
Onion, green pepper, Shiitake mushrooms, long green onion and small sweet green pepper with special sauce
Fresh garlic 334yen
Garlic with sesame oil. Please put the steel pan on the grill and wait 15 minutes.

Recommend set!(enough for one person)
Kalbi 910yen
Roast 820yen
rice(M) 250yen
salad 553en

total 2533yen(without tax)

(It's good to change meat to "Harami, Tontoro, Tongue(marinated) or Heart" whatever you want to try.)

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