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2013年10月16日 17:03

Kimchi 477yen
Traditional chinese cabbage Kimchi.
Cucumber Kimchi 477yen
Pickled cucumbers with a mild taste. This is the perfect Kimchi for children and those that don't like spicy food.
Radish Kimchi 477yen
Traditional radish spicy Kimchi.
Assorted Kimchi 856yen
 Kimchi, cucumber Kimchi, radish Kimchi.

ナムル 明2.jpgのサムネイル画像
Namuru 500Yen
Seasoned bean sprouts and spinach

Salad 553yen
Please select dressing below.
[soysauce dressing]
[spicy vinegar dressing]

Lettuce(for wrap)
Sanchu 400yen
These are for wrapping with meat, rice, veggies and so on.

Yukke(raw beef) 839yen
A sweet tasting sauce and sesame oil are used to bring out other flavor in some of the best cuts of horse meat.
Raw Senmai 630yen
"Senmai" refers to a cow's third stomach. Enjoy the crunchy texture and our special vinegar miso sauce.
Hachinosu (boiled) 850yen
"Hachinosu" refers to a cow's second stomach. Eat it with special soy sauce or salt.
Korean seaweed 286yen
Dried seaweed with salt and sesame oil.
Chanja  505yen
Chanja is a type of Kimchi made from the internal organs of cod fish.
Green hotpepper 429yen
Green hot pepper with miso paste. It's really spicy.
Sesame leaves 429yen
Sesame leaves with special soysauce.

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