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Lunch set menu

2013年10月11日 14:51

Monday to Saturday 12:00~14:00
except Sunday and public holidays.

Lunch set includes main dish, salad, Kimchi, rice, soup, and dessert or drink.
It's a valuable lunch set menus.
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Lunch 2017 E.pdf
Kalbi lunch set 926yen
Sliced & marinated spare ribs. Most popular menu!
Roast lunch set  880yen
Enjoy the taste of authentic lean Japanese beef.
Harami lunch set 926yen
Sliced & marinated outside skirt.(beef)
Tongue lunch set  834yen
Special marinated tongue.
Tontoro(marinated) lunch set 797yen
Sliced pork with special marinated. Excellent compatibility with rice.
Ishiyaki pibinpa lunch set   880yen
A steaming rice is topped seasoned vegetables and meat. Stone-roasted Pibinpa. It's like a fried rice.
Kalbi Udon noodle lunch set   910yen
This is Udon noodle dish with soysauce based spicy special soup with boiled rib beef.

And you can choose one of them below.
[Hot coffee, Iced coffee, Oolong tea, Vanilla icecream]

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